Unnatural Marijuana Deadlier Compared with A All natural Mode

Synthetic marijuana, also known by other popular street names, such as for instance K2 or spice, is really a rage one of the youth. However, it can cause devastating effects when used in an uncontrolled manner, warn the experts. Prepared from a mix of synthetic cannabinoids, chemicals and mixtures of herbs, synthetic marijuana is potentially more dangerous than natural marijuana. It’s often marketed as incense that can be smoked.

Lately, the use of these mind-altering substances has gone up drastically in the United States. With respect to the dosage and the resilience of the consumer, the effects of synthetic marijuana on the mind are akin to that particular of regular marijuana, which include paranoia, panic attacks and giddiness. But the intensity and gravity of the effects of synthetic marijuana are far-reaching.

More dangerous than assumed

Often, the effects of synthetic marijuana are leveled as “zombie effect” because an addict has a tendency to behave such as a zombie after consuming the drug. Symptoms of extreme distrust, panic attacks, anxiety and psychotic episodes are connected with acute paranoia. All the behaviors of K2 addicts are unpredictable. The robust and combustible behavior of the users of synthetic marijuana can be caused by the chemical in spice or K2 that is hundred times more potent compared to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the key psychoactive ingredient within marijuana.

It’s true that the use of regular marijuana can induce psychosis where there’s only a little delineation from reality, but utilization of synthetic marijuana is marked by severe psychosis and uncontrolled behaviors in the users. The chemicals within synthetic marijuana aren’t deemed fit for the human body. Buy Marijuana online Moreover, the brand new trend of buying the stuff online, which can be beyond the purview of any regulation, prevents the consumer from ascertaining the origin of the drug and this makes it more dangerous.

Manufacturers outsmart regulators

It’s not that regulators, like the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), have not tried to intervene and prevent the proliferation of drugs like synthetic marijuana, nevertheless the manufacturers often outsmart regulators and manage to find a method out to flood industry with spurious drugs. When the DEA highlighted the five compounds present in K2 in 2011 and included them on their listing of illegal substances, the manufacturers tinkered with the chemicals and dodged the regulations with ease. Thus, newer versions of K2 found their way into industry which are potentially more dangerous compared to previous ones. The newer version of K2 can cause low blood pressure, a slower heart rate, seizures, coma and kidney ailments.

To clamp down on such massive illegal flouting of regulations by dubious drug manufacturer, efforts need certainly to pour in from all stakeholders.

Recovery roadmap

Whether it’s a normal marijuana addiction or a chronic dependence on drugs like K2 or spice, the long-term ramifications of drugs are always intimidating. Addiction is really a scourge, not merely for the addict but also for every person in the family. However, it’s treatable with love and effort from close ones and a willingness from the addict to go sober.


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