Oppo A53 With 16 MP Selfie Camera

The Oppo A53 might have been a forgettable budget phone, but as a result of its 90Hz display and decent battery life, it sticks out only a little from the competition.

The 6.5-inch display is recessed slightly to provide it with a little bit of protection, with a small notch for the selfie camera. We didn’t mind losing that tiny amount of screen space, and everything feels reasonably sturdy. The casing doesn’t share a sense that this can be a budget phone, although it’s worth remembering that the telephone isn’t rated as waterproof or dustproof.

You will discover a 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB Type-C port, and an individual speaker grille along the underside in oppo a53 smartphone. It’s all business as usual then.

It’s a mixed bag for the Oppo A53’s display. On the one hand, it has that 90Hz refresh rate. What that means for you personally could it refresh the screen 90 times per second instead of the 60 times that lots of other screens offer.

This means a better experience while you’re scrolling through things or playing games, and it’s certainly a huge plus when contemplating this phone.

However, the resolution of the telephone isn’t Full HD at only 720 x 1600, and that’s not great. Obviously, it’ll do, but it means using cases that videos and text won’t look as sharp, and you’ll probably wish you prioritized resolution over refresh rate. Unsurprisingly it’s also an LCD screen as opposed to OLED.

Let’s get this from the way – the Oppo A53 isn’t created for photographers. Its camera is okay and functional, but it’s nothing special. The rear camera offers a 13MP primary lens, 2MP macro and 2MP depth sensor. There’s no wide-angle lens, but honestly, we’re not convinced it will be great when it was there.

The 13MP f/2.2 main camera is simply fine, with okay photos but nothing exceptional, and it is a little slow to shoot. It’s adequate for uploading to Facebook, but there is a certain not enough detail once you appear up close.

That is a similar story for the macro camera, which does the task but feels like it would appeal more to someone less experienced in what smartphones can offer now. Light is key to an excellent macro shot if you want to avoid any noise in your images.

An as much as 5x digital zoom sounds enticing, but the picture gets less clear the more you zoom, so we wouldn’t recommend utilizing it if you have to.

Night shots, meanwhile, are particularly disappointing here without any dedicated night mode and very underwhelming results.

On the plus side, Oppo’s software goes some solutions to improve your photography experience. It provides features like HDR, Dazzle Color, portrait mode and AI improvements. Dazzle Color and HDR specifically certainly are a huge help when hoping to get more of the colours of what you’re snapping, even during a clear day outside.

For selfie addicts, the 16MP selfie camera is one of many better elements of the camera here with decent colour reproduction, although much less detail than we’d want to see. Also, it’s worth noting that switching off the AI beautification mode generally improves results.

As we said, the Oppo A53 isn’t created for photography, although it is functional enough. Predictably its photos don’t stand up to pricier fare, but nor would we expect them to. Still, a night mode could have been appreciated.

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