How might you Watch Movies using a Sony PLAYSTATION PORTABLE? Learn to get Movies with your PLAYSTATION PORTABLE

Virtually every day I get yourself a new person asking me How Can You watch movies on a Sony PSP once they see me enjoying new movies on my handheld console. I tell em it is simple once your PSP is setup for movie playback and you’ve the proper tools. So proper wondering Ways to get Movies in your PSP keep reading, as I’ll explain the whole procedure below…

For starters you are likely to need a memory, preferably quite a big one around 2GB, as that is where your movies will be stored. Most top quality movie files are over 400MB so this is exactly why I would recommend a reasonably large storage device if you wish to hold a couple of movies at a time.

Now before you simply drag and drop movies onto the storage device you will need to set it as much as store movies. This is a really simple task, you merely have to make a few new folders…

Once your Card is set, you are able to begin putting movies onto it; however, you must make sure all your movies are in MPEG-4 Video format before transferring them¬†david hoffmeister apple podcast. Just be sure you download all your movies online in Mpeg-4 format and your good to go. However When you have other video formats or a DVD Movie that you wish to put in your PSP then they have to be converted into MP4 first. Once they’re on the proper format simply wear them your storage device and access the specified folders on the website from your PSP and you are able to begin watching movies on the Sony PSP.

Now The easiest and quickest method to convert video files should be to download proper PSP Video converter. You may attempt a standard 3-step conversions process for converting DVD’s but it is quite complicated and a rather lengthy procedure. And it also requires downloading several different programs and if you’re seeking to transfer a lot of movies then it can be pretty annoying. I’d only recommend it for full computer geeks who have just free time on the hands…

If you’re seeking to convert DVDs and other video types in a single easy step at the click of just one button then downloading a great PSP Video converter is your very best option. Most of them are liberated to download so you may get movies in your PSP and begin watching them right now. Personally I use a program called Cucusoft Ultimate Converter Suite, it is liberated to download and it converts videos to play on all devices, including PSP, iPod, iPhone, MP3 Players, Mobile Phones etc…

When you were wondering How will you watch Movies on a Sony PSP and Ways to get them on the website, then wonder no further as all you need is the correct setup and right tools. Therefore that’s Ways to get movies on Your PSP, so go ahead and grab a memory, set it down and start putting movies onto it today!


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