Confidence Attacks Will not be Generally Noticeable

When we consider attack, it always brings in your thoughts images of war or some type of physical assault. In A Course in Miracles (ACIM), attack means a whole lot more than causing bodily harm. We’ve all been the victim of less obvious attacks where we come away feeling all alone, angry and victimized by others; and in return, we victimize them by retaliating. All attack is considered a demand love because anyone is experiencing a condition of the notion of separation. We never attack another unless we already agreed (chose) to trust ourselves separate and different.

Something that’s part of the teachings in the Course, however not widely understood as a core teaching, is that anyone who’s suffering, in pain, sick, ill, upset, feeling alone, desperate, has problems, needs, lack, etc., is experiencing the belief in separation. What they don’t need is someone to attack them and increase their feeling of separation and guilt. This doesn’t heal and only serves to help expand the ego errors for both victim and victimizer. The catch could be the victimizer (attacker) can be experiencing the separation because they would not attack another should they understood it to be themselves (not separate). Victim and victimizer are the two sides of exactly the same coin of error.

We don’t join with brothers until we remove all traces of attack from the mind. Attack could be the behavior from choosing with the ego to help keep guilt projected on another, versus looking within, and it denies the Truth. Withdrawal from attack and correcting our own mind, no real matter what, is the main element to freedom. When we actually want to grasp the Course by practicing forgiveness, we’ve to understand to catch ourselves in the ego trick of utilizing the Course for attack. It is extremely covert (hidden and not obvious) before you realize how it works and so it follows the principles the Course is training your brain to quit as ego judgments.

Course Students

As Course students, we can be some of the very most awful victimizers and very unkind towards others beneath the guise of knowing the Course teachings. We forget our primary focus is on making time for how we experience what we’re perceiving in another. We never attack, and are never upset, for the reason why we think.

It is never, ever about the other person with the exception of the gift they give you in reflecting back where you need to correct your mind because of how you are judging them. Those judgments to them (projections) are very your personal self-condemnation judgments. When we don’t correct our mind, we repress and hide our own guilt and end up attacking another. Being Course students, the weapon of choice could be the Course itself.

Course Judgment

An uncorrected mind (ego) throws the book at someone. We cite everything we can remember and may even search the Course for more just to produce our point. The goal is to ensure the offending person knows everything they’re not doing to correct their mind, i.e., what they’re still doing wrong and yes (judge and jury), what they just don’t get. Nothing gets left out. They have to get most of the principles and they have to get it now.

We deny that individuals don’t “have it” as well which is apparent by us not correcting our mind first. Ignoring our own anxiety and fear, our concern is for ourselves and what another’s problems or lack of Course understanding says about us. If they can’t have it, then maybe we can’t. We’re wanting them to prove the Course functions by hitting them with it a program in miracles lesson 1.When we repeat the attack often, and to numerous people, then a number of it is likely to sink in and prove us right.

Remember, we just attack in this fashion because we’re still perceiving ourselves separate; and we’re trying to produce someone deep in feeling the separation prove to us that we’re not separated. Any form of insisting, demanding or attempting to force Course comprehension and correction on another is no more than ourselves and what we’re denying. If our mind is corrected, we’re at peace and have trust. If we’ve really accepted the Atonement, we’ve faith and no reason to push Course stuff on anyone.

Joining a Brother

What it methods to join a brother is clear in the Course but it requires the practice of forgiveness (correcting the mind) to learn how to join. We’ve a fear to check within our mind because of the belief that individuals might see sin. Getting enough correction of your brain (forgiveness) eventually raises the question about sin certainly not being there.

Of all the times we forgive driving a car and guilt and the associated judgments, never do we end up seeing, perceiving or looking upon sin. We cannot as it’s only an idea and not real. Once this realization is apparent, the Course points out our freedom is partial. We’re on your way to salvation (right-mindedness). Now we ought to join with this brothers. It’s the best way to remember God.

Ending the Notion of Separation

Joining is done in your brain and if you want to end the notion of separation so you’re completely right-minded (salvation), the next phase involves your brothers. You might not understand that they are fragments of your mind; but to keep in mind who they’re, you need to return to the 1st step in the Course and restore your projections off another and correct your mind no real matter what the situation. Attacking with the Course remains keeping your projections in place. You’ve to place what the Course says into practice in all ways, and at all times, to get complete correction of the mind.

Minds are sick that think (believe) they’re separate whatever the way it shows up in form. Being an attacker, your mind can be as “sick” as anyone you are attacking even although you are utilizing the Course for the attack. Judgment is judgment.

The wonder of the Course is in the forgiveness process. When we correct our mind first, we change the interior Teacher to the One who’s kind and loving and knows everything for everyone equally. Go through the Course. Even though conveying some of the darkest messages, it includes a very kind and loving tone. Nowhere does it ever say that individuals should utilize the book as a weapon to ensure everyone gets it. Therefore, our job is to come back our mind to this Teacher and take Him with us to participate another who’s experiencing the separation and not contribute to it seeming worse.

People always let us know what’ll make them feel better. With the best Teacher, we can comply in what they’re asking (in form) because we observe that driving a car and guilt behind their request is exactly the same fear and guilt inside our mind as well. That recognition ends the illusion of separation and joins the mind. All of us need to do it with each and every person inside our lives. If we’re not willing to do that, we’re unhealed healers because we’re judging another and condemning the proper execution request they’re making for comfort.

Our job is not to correct someone, force the Course teachings or shove the language at them. Thus, it may be appropriate not to utilize the Course teachings (or even its words). With the best Teacher, our words and actions would naturally be kind, loving and compassionate. What heals could be the light in your brain shining with the potency of God. Another’s mind recognizes itself and will ask different questions to produce different choices. You may not say a word. Healing has been the True Healer which is extended through you in the joined mind. Minds which can be perceiving separation (sick) don’t heal. They attack.


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