Distinctive Character Traits of Cavalier King Charles spaniel


Widely known as ‘English Toy Spaniel, the King Charles Spaniels is one of the most loveable pets in the world. Here are some distinctive traits of King Charles Puppies which makes these puppies these unique-

They are very intelligent

The Cavalier King Charles spaniels were well-known as highly intelligent. Their energetic, lively nature makes them really lovable but their stubborn nature or highly sudden spurts of hyperactivity can make things problematic for you. Any concern about your pet’s behavior can melt when he looks up with his round eyes.They are really lovable, protective, inquisitive, gentle and little clownish. Because of the wide range of generations which have passed, and they are ideal for the domestic environment.

They can be trained with easily, but they are highly intelligent dogs and use their big, innocent eyes to soften the heart of the toughest taskmaster and skip a day for training and hard work. Make sure that you reward your puppy with a positive behavior and be gentle during their training phase. Being harsh can make your pet stubborn.

They require a moderate level of activity

Cavalier king Charles spaniel requires a moderate level of exercise. But there are a few short sessions of fetch daily or for short walks than long exercise sessions. They can walk very fast. So, it is wise not to let them go outside unless they are a secure, fenced-in yard or they are on a leash. Although there won’t bark if there is an unexpected knock on the door, Charles spaniel are not great protectors. Most of them are very congenial that they will welcome anybody within the house, be it friend or foe.

They are very selective while eating

Cavalier king Charles spaniel puppies have a delicate digestive system and are vulnerable to gas. But once you have a clear figure of what commercial foods love, feeding them will be comparatively easier for you. When it is bred, they have small litters consisting of three or four puppies, delivery might be difficult and caesarean sections can be performed. They have a long lifespan of 10-13 years.

They are very trustworthy

King Cavalier Puppiesare highly sensitive to their family’s wishes and moods. They are well-mannered when they are at home and impudent and playful whenever they get the opportunity. Though a bit stubborn reserved towards dogs to which they are not familiar, and they should be introduced with great care.

Unique Colors

These puppies have a tuxedoed appearance which is the major reason why they are a favorite among dog lovers. A white blaze is a common feature among these available puppies, which gives them a regal appearance. To make your selection process a less-time consuming one, you can have a look at the collection of gcavalierpuppies.com.

They love playing

King Charles love playing fetch as well as hide and seek. No matter what game you want him to play and also have a willing participant in the form of the puppy. They love playing different types of dog games such as fly ball.

Make it a point to mention to check the background of cavalier king charles. Breeders who opt for breeding practices opt for greed motivated practices which have cause numerous physical and mental problems within this breed.


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