Crossdressing Cosmetics Blunders

Among the key factors to crossdressing effectively and convincingly is the main topic of makeup, and indeed, I don’t think there exists a crossdresser alive that can get along without some form of makeup.

However, makeup could be your ally and it may be the reason for your downfall. Associated with that many wannabe crossdressers don’t really know how to apply makeup and find yourself looking much worse than they hoped to be. Let’s see what’s the largest mistake of crossdressing makeup is and steer clear of it.

The largest make-up mistake crossdressers make is to use an excessive amount of it. It’s easy to have overly enthusiastic, so I don’t blame you all that much but understand that wearing a lot of makeup is much like placing a to remain your forehead screaming “look at me. I’ve got something to cover up “.

Remember, Makeup is intended to conceal what you don’t want other folks to see and to highlight what you do want them to see. But wearing a lot of makeup just highlights everything, including your masculine features.

Think of it this way, perhaps you have seen a really beautiful woman wearing a lot of makeup? The clear answer is no. They choose makeup to highlight their natural beauty.

Actually, among the stereotypes about crossdressers is they wear a lot of makeup crossdressing story. The best way to avoid it, other than learning how to use makeup, is to do it in stages, asking yourself on every step: does this help me look more feminine in a unobtrusive, underneath the radar, way, or does it seem a lot of? You might make mistakes in the beginning, but soon you’ll have a real knack for when enough is enough.


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