Distinct Settling Fish Food pertaining to Discus

Beautiful and bright colored discus fish are highly popular among novice as well as expert fish breeders. Both cultivated and local types of the fish come in great demand everywhere. They’re also super easy to keep, however like any pet at home the right discus food diet plays an important role in the well-being of the fish.

You can find several types of discus fish foods, which mainly contains three categories:

Dry food, frozen food and live discus food. These could be further classified as sinking food, slow sinking food and floating fish food. ปลาสลิดทอดกรอบ Since discus, fish are generally mid water feeders slow sinking fish food for discus is most preferred.

Several types of sinking fish food for discus are:

Flakes: Flakes come underneath the sounding top floating food but if you pinch them a huge before feeding they sink down.

Pellets: Small and mostly round shaped, pellets are both sinking and floating. Giving dry pellets to fish can cause them to bloat therefore soak them in water for a while before feeding.

Granules: These are smaller forms of pellets are can be fed in exactly the same way you feed the pellets.

Wafers and tablets: These are among the most popular forms of sinking fish food for discus. They have a very well-balanced ingredient content. Although they sink rapidly but since they are small enough to be eaten in one bite the fish eat them up quickly. Also they don’t really cloud the water.

Gels: These are preprocessed slow sinking food for fish. These than be thawed, then blended with homemade food and other frozen food and then frozen again to feed the fish. They can be utilized to give your fish a varied diet.

Slow sinking discus fish food is preferred because then your fish can reach it easily. If the fish sinks too quickly then they’ll not have the ability to reach it and it will rot in underneath and can harm the fish. Discus fish follow a routine and therefore you’ve to keep in mind to feed them at fixed times every day.

Also, since discus fish like to follow along with a routine therefore feed them at regular intervals and give small feedings at a time. They like to consume frequently and hence in the event that you give them feed only a few times per day, it should go waste and the fish will starve. Any variation from the routine can make them confused and disrupt their system.


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