A simple Introduction of Marcasite Earrings

Every time whenever we talk about marcasite earrings, we bring it for granted which they are made of real marcasite. However, in fact the so-called marcasite earrings sold in the market aren’t made from real marcasite but pyrites. Real marcasite can’t be made into any jewelry, which can be brought on by its special features. In this article, I will give a simple introduction of this device and try to answer several questions.

1.Why these earrings are false?

You can find mainly two reasons for this. Using one hand, they’re extremely brittle which make them unfeasible to process. On another hand, they’re easy to be eroded. Marcasite is derived from iron sulphide and formed in sedimentary rocks once the temperature is low and the environment is acidic marcasite earring findings Once you put marcasite in the environment that fills with bacteria, it will deteriorate and gradually turn into white powder. Based on the two reasons, manufacturers do not use real marcasite to make earrings. Instead, they use pyrite that has exactly the same color with marcasite but can be kept for an extended time.

2.Why do women like these false products?

Few women knew the so-called marcasite earrings were actually made from pyrite, so women kept calling them marcasite earrings. The most important thing is that, in the women’s opinion, what matters is not the material nevertheless the appearance. No matter what they are made of, they’re beautiful and fashionable. And wearing them is just a pleasant experience to differ from other ladies. Since enough time of the ancient Greece, wearing them is becoming popular. This sort of fashion trend has lasted for more than 100 years and it lasts for an extended time.

3.What is marcasite earring?

The prevalence of marcasite earrings is because of the abundant designs. Marcasite, or actually pyrite, is just a very versatile material which is often shaped directly into any kinds of earrings. Designers always produce many different ideas and process the material into various shapes. There are some typical designs, such as elegant silver earrings with topaz, graceful silver and circular stud, and heart shaped earrings.

4.How to accomplish the proper selection?

For girls, what is necessary to do is to find out the proper option. The favor to designs of earrings always varies with different women. Some are fond of lovely style, while some like elegant style. If you like earrings to advertise a casual fashion sense, then elegant silver earrings with topaz is a great selection for you. Because the name indicates, they’re elegant which enable women to flaunt their elegance. However, if you are young and want to buy some cute ornaments, you are able to choose heart shaped earrings which are the most used among young ladies. In summary, select the one which is the absolute most suited to you.


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